Pascal Tokodi in the telenovela Selina

We can all agree that January has a mind of its own but that’s not to say that good things don’t happen in this month. For instance, Maisha Magic channels – Maisha Magic East (158) and Maisha Magic Bongo (160) - are serving up some goodness that will make this extra-long month bearable. Miss it and miss out, here are the new shows Maisha Magic is bringing to you this New Year. And as you will see, there's something for everyone.

You can stream all these new shows on Maisha Magic channels on the go, anywhere, anytime on the DStv Now app on your smartphone or tablet or on your PC here. You can also watch them later in your own time on Catch Up on the DStv Explora.

1. Stori Yangu

Back for a brand new season, Stori Yangu highlights the side you never knew about well-known personalities in different professions in Kenya like politics, sports and the entertainment industry, answering the question that many have been dying to ask: How did they get to where they are today? While season one brought us the inspiring stories of Jeff Koinange and Caroline Mutoko, season two features the likes of Anne Waiguru, Blessed Njugush, Victor Wanyama, Boniface Mwangi, Esther Passaris, and Kanze Dena among other high profile names in the public limelight. Tune in to Stori Yangu on Fridays at 20:00 EAT on Maisha Magic East, which you can also stream on DStv Now.


2. Auntie Boss

Eve D’Souza and Maqbul are definitely a match not made in heaven as Varshita and Donovan in Auntie Boss but that has never stopped them from being together, and ruining each other’s lives while at it. Varshita does most of the ruining as the psychotic girlfriend who will do almost anything to keep the relationship going. All this is not complete without the melodrama caused by the domestic househelps within the estate. Tune in to the brand new season from Wednesday 10 January at 16:00 EAT on Maisha Magic East or stream it on DStv Now.


3. Selina

From Rueben Odanga, the man that brought you Nira and Saida, comes another Swahili telenovela Selina featuring musician-actor Pascal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi as star-crossed lovers who have to fight against all the challenges and evil thrown at them to be together. Set against a magnificent backdrop of flower farming in Kenya, Selina is a must-watch for anyone looking for a classic tale of love laced with greed, revenge, power and lots of drama. Tune in to this brand new telenovela from Monday 15 January at 20:00 EAT on Maisha Magic East and by streaming on DStv Now.


4. Kapuni

The daily lives of Tanzanians from all classes come to life in this new drama that tackles the issues of relationships, marital responsibilities, poverty, education and love. Kapuni seeks to highlight one of society’s strongest bonds – that no matter who you are, love conquers all. Tune in to Kapuni from Monday 8 January at 19:30 EAT on Maisha Magic Bongo, also stream it on DStv Now.


5. Sarafu

Featuring Tanzanian household name and Big Brother 2014 winner Idris Sultan, Sarafu tells the story of two great friends and businessmen – Mzee Sanga and Mzee Samuel – who set on a path of destruction after their powerful bond is broken by money and greed. Their families and children also find themselves caught up in this unending war that threatens to destroy them all. Tune in to Sarafu from Wednesday 10 January at 19:30 EAT on Maisha Magic Bongo. You can also stream it on DStv Now.