A table setting

Lucy Gakii Chodota is already a household name when it comes to the DStv family.

As the executive producer and creator of the Rush series, this is not the first time we are being acquainted with her. However, this is the first time Lucy is letting us behind the scenes of her life as a wife, a mother and the ultimate foodie who runs her organic farm in the serene Miotoni Lane of Karen suburbs. Lucy has invited us for a lunch where she is preparing a three-course meal with ingredients from her farmhouse in Karen where she lives a reality that many of us crave for - a subsistence farm life in a city.

Talisman also set in Karen, uses  the best  of organic ingredients in their decadent dishes. Check out the various reasturants in the area on EatOut.

Today, she shows us how to marinate and cook lamb for a fantastic soiree with friends. Keep in mind that all the ingredients, including the lamb, are sourced from her farm. The farm produces everything for the house - except for detergent. Like Lucy, Tia Mowry is a queen of perfection when it comes to whipping up finger-licking dishes. Join Tia Mowry at Home every Thursday at 22:00 on Food Network (175).

Here is leg of lamb with the ultimate foodie Lucy Chodota: