Nelson, Abigail and Thomas in HTFAH

Here's a reason never to miss an episode of How to Find a Husband, they say the most hilarious things.

How To Find A Husband is the newest kid on Maisha Magic and it’s been receiving quite a buzz for obvious reasons. One, it is hilarious. Two, we all want to know how to find a husband who we can constantly ask favours from - “Honey, would you hold my purse?"

If you are not already watching it, enjoy some of our best quotes from the show.

So there's this random guy in the bar that just won't stop talking:

"Your pupils look dilated, a sure sign in the animal kingdom that a female is either intimidated or aroused by male presence. I’d like to think the latter."

Security! Please restrain the owner of these words, his pickup lines should be banned in public. Even Jackie is dying of laughter.

Date night with Jackie was going great until Billy blurted out:

"I am a card carrying member of MAWE... and as such I will not be drinking with you!"

Yes a group called Men Against Weaves (MAWE) exists in HTFAH, and we are not making this up. We never thought Billy's obsession with Jackie's hair would have such a hilarious ending. Okay, Jackie wasn't laughing but we were. Can someone please tells us, is this MAWE registered?

Abigail just says the 'nicest' things:

"Nairobi is a big city, stop dating my sloppy leftovers," delivered with a smile.

What's that Girl Code again? Never date your friend’s ex even if he is as good looking as Robert. Too bad for Abigail because Jackie never got that memo but the heart wants what it wants.

Jackie can still win this battle though: "I can’t believe you are mad at me. You dated him like a million years ago."

is feeling a little insecure:

"Come comb my hair."

Ladies, grab your notebooks or sticky notes, you cannot afford to miss this tip. This is not how you keep a husband, ask him to comb your hair like Carol did to David? David's inner soul is just screaming: I put a ring on it but this is not what I signed up for!

You don't want to miss more of these quotes, so tune in to How to Find a Husband every Tuesday at 22:00 CAT on Maisha Magic, also available on Catch Up.