The Real Househelps of Kawangware

This January, comedy and drama heats up on Maisha Magic East

In 2016, there are plenty of things to laugh about, especially if you look in the right places like tuning in to Maisha Magic East, DStv Channel 158. Maisha Magic East has already brought us local rib-crackers like the ever delightful Don’t Mess with Kansiime, Wednesdays at 19:30 EAT. Your resolutions may change in the New Year but never for Kansiime. She’s up to her old ways again in January, stirring up trouble where there is none like demanding for 250 grams of sugar in a shop that only deals with sacks.

More laughter comes from the AMVCA-nominated Nyumba Ten, a place where neighbours have no boundaries and petty fights and quarrels are the order of the day, from the bosses right down to the servants. When it comes to shenanigans, no one is civil in Nyumba Ten that airs every Monday at 19:00 EAT.

And with the New Year comes new dramas and comedies on Maisha Magic East that you cannot afford to miss.

If you want to keep up with what Hollywood starlet Lupita Nyong'o is watching from the local line-up, then the new Real Househelps of Kawangware is exactly what you need. If you thought The Real Housewives of Atlanta was full of drama, then you haven’t met Awiti, Kalekye, Njambi and Trufena. Here anything goes - backstabbing, catfights, love triangles, petty crimes and even neighbourhood gossips that will leave you in stitches. It’s no wonder Lupita is so koo-koo about this show. You can tune in every Thursday at 19:00 EAT.

As much as we all enjoy a good laugh, we also enjoy some drama, twists and turns intertwined with the old tale of love, something Sumu La Penzi serves in plenty. In this new season, the four femme fatales Eva, Tindi, Mariam and Ama are back together with a bang. With Eva’s daughter going missing and Mariam getting kidnapped by her boyfriend, it seems like the ladies are biting more than they can chew. To see what misfortunes their dangerous affairs are yet to bring them, tune in to the new Season 4 of Sumu La Penzi, Monday to Wednesday at 18:30. You also can tune in for Sumu La Penzi marathon on Saturdays and Sundays starting from 19:30.

The new season of the Swahili sitcom Utandu also stirs up some drama with the Governor’s son Richie still as troublesome as ever. Now Richie and his mother find themselves homeless after their house is auctioned. Find out the next step by tuning in to Utandu from Monday to Thursday at 20:30 EAT.

To wrap up what Maisha Magic East has in store for you this January, be sure to catch the new season of the award-winning series Mama Duka every Monday at 19:30. When it comes to running her duka, Mama Duka isn’t just someone who sells you sugar and groceries. She also lends a listening ear and offers solutions to all the problems and gossips that find their way to her doorstep.

When it comes to movies, watch out for Exposure, a drama-comedy about a stolen camera on Saturday 16 January at 21:00 EAT.

On Sunday 17 January at 21:00 EAT, you cannot miss Love or Die starring Ian Mbugua as a man who's saved from suicide by a good samaritan nurse who starts to develop feelings for him.

Also catch Patient Zero with Mugambi Nthiga, a patient with murderous urges that is recruited by a psychiatrist to kill his wife, on Saturday 23 January at 20:55 EAT.

More drama from Love Prescription as a nurse is forced to steal medicine from the hospital pharmacy to treat her daughter who is suffering from lupus, on Saturday 30 January at 21:00 EAT.

To end your January local movies marathon, Maisha Magic East presents 18th Pleasure Street on Sunday 31 January at 21:00 EAT. An older woman running a cartel that recruits young boys to pleasure bored housewives and rich businesswomen tries to recruit a young ambitious man working at her hotel.