The cast of Desperate Housewives Africa

DStv shows to watch now that Desperate Housewives Africa has ended.

Our favourite desperate housewives from Hibiscus Lane said goodbye but not after some shocking revelations on Thursday night's finale.

Don't worry, if you missed the heated finale of Desperate Housewives Africa, you can still tune in on Wednesday at 17:00 on EbonyLife (165).

DHWA has taught us some important tips, for instance, now we know women need close-knit gossip circles for therapy purposes.

If you are missing this show already, no need to feel gloomy, there are other great shows on DStv similar to DHWA that you can tune in to.


Just like DHWA dug deeper into the lives of the housewives of Hibiscus Lane, bringing some secrets to the surface, WAGS takes us deep into the lives of wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen. Expect to see a lot of drama and melodrama as well-kept secrets come to light, Saturdays at 17:00 on E! Entertainment (124).

2. Scream Queens

In DHWA, the mystery of what could have pushed Rume (African version of Mary Alice Young) to commit suicide had everyone scratching their heads for a while. If you are up for more mysteries and puzzles, then tune in to Scream Queens, Wednesdays at 22:00 on FOX (125) where anyone might just be the Red Devil killer.

3. Power Couple SA

We’ve seen some power couples on DHWA even though it would seem marriage is not an easy task. The same can be said for Power Couple SA where eight couples who face a series of extreme challenges to prove how well they really know each other. Tune in on Thursdays at 17:00 on M-Net (102) to see who gets to be the ultimate power couple. You can also catch up with Power Couple on DStv Now or on your DStv Explora.

4. Mistresses

If you are looking for a group of friends leading dramatic lives as they wade through their complicated relationships, and also enough dose of mystery, then Mistresses is the show to watch. These mistresses also have a streak of naughty, just to make things a little more interesting. Mistresses Season 3 airs on Thursday at 22:00 on Vuzu AMP (114), also available on DStv Catch Up on your DStv Explora.

Remember that if you missed the finale of Desperate Housewives Africa, you can still watch it on DStv Catch Up on your DStv Explora.

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