Karl Pilkington sitting on a cloud

Karl Pilkington has made it his mission to understand the meaning of life. What is curious is the fact that not all the things people do in search of a deeper meaning work for everyone. However, there are a few lessons he has acquired along the way and we think they are spot one.

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1. Hair (or lack thereof) can age you

Well, at least in Karl’s case the immediate reaction and aesthetics insinuate that he would look a lot younger with hair and honestly. We can’t argue with that.  


2. Karl does NOT look like Sir Elton John

Whoever did his make-up and costume gear did not take into account that, physic wise, Karl has absolutely nothing in common with Sir Elton John. The fact that they are both British means nothing for effect.  


3. Use short straight strokes when ironing

Who knew extreme ironing was a thing! Well it is, and once you have climbed up a treacherous rock and you are at the peak enjoying a spectacular view, why not pull out your ironing board and get that perfect crease on your favourite shirt.


4. Superhero capes are stupid

Most of us might never understand the need for a cape on a super hero's costume and as Karl so aptly pointed out about Superman: “It must have made an awful racket flapping about while he was flying.” What we do know is that the fashion translation of capes on the red carpet makes for a killer statement. Catch the all new Fashion One on channel (178) so you can stay ahead of the fashion trends.



5. Your gender doesn’t determine who you are

Whether you choose to identify as a man or a woman, you are still you. Well, at least according to Karl who is not a fan of being overly dressed and he still felt like himself after he spent a day as a woman.


6. Meditation isn’t for everyone  

For most people, closing your eyes, clearing your mind and relaxing translates to only one thing - sleep. The only thing we can try and do is find the thing that relaxes and gives you a break from all the hullabaloo that life brings.