MME's comedy KooKoo Inn

A new and exciting Kenyan comedy show dubbed KooKoo Inn is set to premiere on Friday 2 December at 20:00 on Maisha Magic East (158).

KooKoo Inn is set at a hectic bus station area in Nairobi’s central business district. Employees of the eatery have it good but when they learn that a lion mauled their beloved owner, all hell breaks lose as they wonder about the fate of their employment. As if balancing their hectic job at the eatery while dealing with their personal lives is not hard enough, the crazy, estranged son of the beloved owner takes over, bringing with him much chaos and family greed.

The comedy promises plenty of drama and laughter as the employees try to fight their new employer using quirky ways to keep their jobs and the eatery alive.

KooKoo Inn is a local production complete with a Kenyan cast. Produced by Natasha Lakimani and starring the late Maende Shikuku of the famed Pray and Prey, it is homegrown comedy and an absolute breath of fresh air after a long day of work. It is definitely something Kenyans on DStv can look forward to,” said the head of channel for Maisha Magic East Margaret Mathore.

With 39 episodes, KooKoo Inn and its completely cuckoo characters will have viewers on the edge of their seats or down on the floor laughing at their crazy antics.

“Maisha Magic East is a big supporter of local talent and this show is yet another example of our commitment to continue partnering with the Kenyan film industry while giving Kenyans more opportunities in the sector,” said Mathore.

KooKoo Inn will air on Maisha Magic East (158) every Friday at 20:00 from 2 December 2016.