Damian Soul from Maisha Superstar

Find out how you measure up to these characters in your favourite shows on Maisha Magic.

TV characters are just all of us living in a virtual world. We are all Mary Jane Paul in some way, juggling between relationships and careers. Or the Green Arrow, trying to change the world in some way. Or Annalise Keating, putting on a strong face in public but sometimes breaking behind closed doors.

But let's take this a little closer to home, shall we? Who are you really on Maisha Magic? Do you share anything with these local stars? Dig in:

The sarcastic loud neighbour
We all have that neighbour we never want to get into an argument with because they will always win - even if we are right. And they talk way above the normal pitch. If you think we are stretching it, tune in to Don't Mess with Kansiime, every Wednesday at 20:00.

The non-commiting bachelor
He's dated you for years but he still won't put a ring on it. You drop one hint after the other, and the brother is just clueless! Thomas (Joe Kinyua) is the non-commiting bachelor in How to Find a Husband. Don't miss it, airing every Tuesday at 21:00 CAT.

The rookie superstar
You belt in the shower like nobody's business, and boy, can you hit those high notes. Now you know you have something in common with the rookie contestants in Maisha Superstar. Watch them give their soulful performances on stage every Monday at 20:00.

The husband hunter
The clock is ticking, she has to find the most eligible bachelor to take home to Mama. Abigail (Liz Njaggah) is the husband hunter in How to Find a Husband.

The iron fist martriach
We love our moms, even if they make it their business to puppeteer our lives. You can't find yourself a wife? Trust Mama to find you a nice respectful girl. Meet Aida Simba, the woman who wants to curve out the life she thinks is perfect for her son in Jane and Abel, every Wednesday at 21:00 CAT.

The go-getters
What's that they say about life: when it gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade? The ladies in Sumu la Penzi know just how to turn every opportunity into dollar signs. Watch their escapades every weekday at 19:30.

The die-hard entrepreneur
Some of us have successfully started a business and successfully failed. Ahem. But others like Pendo (Janet Mbugua) will never quit - no matter what. Watch her in action as she tries to run her magazine business despite many challenges in Rush, every Monday at 22:00.

The rebel
Mama's boy isn't so perfect after all. He's a rebel with a cause - breaking away from Mama's claws. The bad boy attitude catches up with Abel Simba in Jane and Abel, he keeps another woman who's not handpicked by his mother.

You don't want to miss these characters and many more on DStv, tune in to Maisha Magic (Channel 161) everyday and sample our rich and diverse entertainment.