writer on TDS Ugandan David Kibuuka

Uganda is repping on Comedy Central

Africa is taking over Hollywood and it's taking no prisoners.

East Africa, especially, is kicking the entertainment world's behind, proving that no one can stop the rising comet that is Africa. Lupita Nyong'o is doing it, Eddie Gathegi is murdering it (he really is - on Blacklist S3 Saturdays at 02:00 on M-Net Edge (113) and Salvado is part of the Comedy Central International Festival line-up coming up in South Africa.

But the most recent African victory is Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Watch it Tuesdays to Fridays at 22:00 on Comedy Central (122).

What you probaly don’t know is that Trevor has a crop of African writers keeping things fresh, funny and global. David Kibuuka is one of his Ugandan writers on the TDS staff.


The young man honed his funny bone in South Africa after his family relocated there to seek political asylum. Kibuuka, who also featured in the hilarious South African sitcom The Coconuts, has experience in the political satire sphere (Say that three times. Fast. I dare you). He was also a regular on the Big Brother Hot Room alongside SA comedian Tumi Morake.

He has also been a correspondent on e.TV Africa (250) and the eNews satirical news show Late Night News with Loyiso Gola. In a past interview with BBC, Kibuuka said that he admired the comedic style of legends like Eddie Izzard, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks and Eddie Murphy.

If reading that list of comedians has you itching for some laughs, check out Bad Education every Tuesday at 20:58 on BBC Brit (120). Also, if you missed The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, you can always Catch Up on your DStv Explora.