Malaika Nights actor Mike Rewa.

Watch Malaika Nights on Maisha Magic East and M-Net adds to the thrill with Heatstroke, Rage and A Dark Truth.

There is something enticing about thrillers, the way they jolt you and make you gape for three minutes before you cool off. Entertainment couldn't get any better than that. This weekend, our movie line-up on M-Net will make you do just that.

For homegrown thrillers, tune in to Malaika Nights on Sunday, 21 June at 03:00 on Maisha Magic East.

In that spirit, we have compiled three top thrillers that you cannot afford to miss on DStv this weekend:

1. Heatstroke

Scientist Paul's family trip to an African desert turns into a nightmare when they encounter dangerous arms dealers. After pursuers murder Paul, played by Stephen Dorff, his girlfriend has to fight to keep herself and his daughter alive. Catch the heat on Sunday, 21 June at 16:25 on M-Net Movies Premiere.

2. Rage

In a Taken-esque revenge, Rage stars Nicholas Cage as the former mob who's living the perfect life with his wife and daughter until his little girl is kidnapped and killed. Now, he goes on a revenge rampage to settle the score. Feel the Rage of Cage on Sunday, 21 June at 23:00 on M-Net Movies Premiere.


3. A Dark Truth

Forest Whitaker is not new to thrillers with titles like Repentance to his name. In A Dark Truth, he stars as Francisco Francis, a man who's being hunted by soldiers in the jungle in an attempt to cover up a massacre in a South American village. Is this A Dark Truth you'd like to know more about? Then don't miss it on Sunday, 21 June at 14:50 on M-Net Movies Action.


Also, follow the story of a young girl, Malaika, who's found dead near a construction site where she used to work. Obviously, the police arrest those close to her, the first being her boyfriend, Akwa. The construction manager, Saago, is also suspected, as well as Malaika’s younger sister, Phinny.

Don't forget to watch all the mystery unfold in Malaika Nights, starring Wanjie Caroline and Mike Rewa this Sunday on Maisha Magic East at 03:00.