Boxeera poster

Stay tuned to Maisha Magic East this August to catch all the thriller movies.

A little bit of mystery, chills and drama comes to Maisha Magic East this August as we celebrate the best of local thrillers. From the desire to accumulate more power to contacting spirits and treasure hunting, you’ll find it all here.  

1. Power                                                                               

It’s the one thing many people want but find it hard to attain. Some people will do anything for power. But when you have so much of it that it makes you drunk, what happens next? When Mr. Makuka seals a deal with ancestral spirits to earn power, he is unaware that he has just opened Pandora’s box. Don’t miss Mr. Makuka on Tuesday, 12 August at 21:00.



2. Revenge

Aah, the famous saying: Revenge is a dish best served cold. The quest for revenge always makes for a good thriller as the wrongdoer and the wronged engage in an unending tug of war, even stretching to generations. If you want to see more, tune in to Safari on Wednesday, 19 August, at 21:00. The cast includes Irene Uwoya, Gabo Zigamba and Chuchu Hans.



3. Greed

The quest for money and power begets greed. And once turned on, it is difficult to switch it off. That is why when we find things that aren’t ours (especially treasures), we tend to keep them to ourselves. But what if the treasure belongs to someone really dangerous, someone who is out for blood? What then? Watch Boxeera on Tuesday, 25 August, at 20:00 CAT where Eddy and Salma bump into a treasure in Zanzibar and decide to keep it. Will it bring them fortune or misfortune?