At DStv, we love to eat! From Food Network to BBC Lifestyle, we have channels that are dedicated to inspiring DStv Foodies to throw down scrumptious meals.

When we sat down for this interview a few weeks ago, Jemutai was quite ecstatic that she had brought her own paparazzi to document this journey. As it stands today, she has just been nominated for the prestigious 2017 BAKE Awards in the food category. So much can happen in a few weeks but we believe DStv has that Midas touch of identifying good talent! So who is Jemutai?

Drawing inspiration from the abundance of fresh produce and eateries in Kenya, food blogger Jemutai - who is currently based in Nairobi - attempts to recreate some of her fond “chef” memories and visually create stories of her food musings. We spoke to her about her gastronomic quest and how growing up on a farm brought about Dine with Jemutai. 

Her philosophy is: “Listen to your grandmother's teachings, eat organic, add a punch of flavour, try something new with something old and always make room for something sweet.”

Here is our chat with Jemutai: