Eddah's Hope founder Moses Issaji

On Thursday 4 February, please join us in marking World Cancer Day. The disease has taken away many of our friends and relatives. The ones who have survived and have undergone chemotherapy and other rigorous treatment struggle to talk about the process. The process is very tiring and draining to the human body. With chemotherapy, losing hair is just one of the many side effects. 

For Muli Mutua, it was not always about cancer but more about hair. He started out as a hair stylist and realised that he needed to take his love affair with manes to the next level. He then left for South Africa to study. He returned with a title that many of us may have never heard of - Trichologist, which essentially means a hair doctor. He talks openly about the relationship between cancer and hair loss. 


To learn more about the good, bad and the ugly of hair, make sure to catch LA Hair on Thursday 4 February at 20:00 on VUZU (114)

As the world gets ready to celebrate World Cancer Day on Thursday 4 February, we sat down with Moses Issaji, the founder of Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation. It was an unlikely fit when a flight attendant decided to volunteer his time and efforts in the field of cancer treatment and sensitisation. In the video interview, Issaji explains how a personal struggle inspired him to start an organisation that dedicates time to empowering all youth, regardless of personal traits or behaviours.

Moses also asserts that the media has to take the forefront and share information on cancer all year round. He also calls out to all those in the field of cancer not to segregate any personas for whatever reason. He talks to us about leading a healthy lifestyle after diagnosis. Look forward to the interview on World Cancer Day.