Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime during one of her shows.

We share tips on getting through a date with Anne Kansiime if Tujuane Plus hooked you up with her.

Anne Kansiime is not your typical kind of woman. She is impulsive and unapologetically loud. She starts and ends altercations on a whim. She has no qualms about delivering acerbic comments even to law enforcers. Simply put, Kansiime is high maintenance.

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But what if Kansiime was on East Africa’s biggest dating show, Tujuane Plus and you were her date? How would you make it through the entire thing? We have a few ideas on how you can live to tell the love tale. Just follow these seven steps:

1. Be on time

It’s a cardinal rule: don’t be late when you are going on a date with Kansiime. Your excuses may be genuine but she won’t even give you time to breathe the first syllable. Just be on time, arrive early if you have to.

2. Dress to impress

Kansiime is highly judgemental. Trust me, you don’t want to disappoint this woman. From your hair, down to your shoes, be sharp looking, smart and clean. Also, make an effort to smell nice. Don’t give Kansiime any reasons to embarrass you in public.

3. Don’t play with your phone

Boys love their toys just as much as Kansiime loves attention. If your phone will deny her this, just keep it in the back pocket of your jeans. Even if it is the latest gadget in town, fight the urge to fidget with it.

4. Be romantic without being corny

Playing the romantic card with a woman like Kansiime is risky. For instance, don’t hold her hand because chances are, she will:

a. Jerk away

b. Give you a death stare

c. Give you one of her signature banters/lashback

Don’t try to feed her even if the moment seems right, this is some romance overload she will not take lightly.

But you can hold the door for her, let her walk in first. You can compliment her for how lovely she looks, but don’t overdo it.

5. Agree with everything she says

Kansiime has a lot of opinions about almost everything, and she won’t hold anything back. Some of her opinions may be outrageous. She may say the darndest things about certain issues but don’t point them out and try to correct her. Just sit tight, listen and nod in agreement like the man she wants you to be.

6. Be confident (but not too confident)

She may be intimidating as a woman, but still, she values eye contact just as much as any woman on a date. Again, if you are too confident, she might feel like you are trying to intimidate her, and she will fight back. Remember, you want to impress her, not patronise her

7. Pick up the tab

There is no politics about this. A woman like Kansiime appreciates a man who can pay for two proper three-course meals without as much as a grunt, and still spare some money for leisure activities. So, come to this date loaded mate because this lady is not modest about wanting finer things.

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