Huddah Monroe

Well if she keeps going on this trend, then it is safe to say she will be. Huddah Monroe is known for many things large (her derriere) and small (her waist) but soon she will be known for her debut acting gig. She is set to feature in the Nigerian-Kenyan collabo film Brother Jekwu

The better known for her social skills, Huddah is not at all what you would expect in real life. Her persona on social media suggests a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners boss chick. However, she is more of an observe-first-dive-in-later kind of girl. You would even be quick to confuse her caution in social settings as shy.

Huddah makes no apologies for who she is and admits that the role she plays in the film is similar to her, “the pretty, homewrecker,” she quips.

The belle of the ball fancies herself a leading lady like Olivia Pope - strong, powerful and always followed by a little (read a lot) of scandal.

Have a craving for a new leading lady? Then set Monday a side for The Catch at 21:30 on M-Net (102).

She is - in a nutshell - everything you'd expect yet not at all what you'd think. Take a look: