The cast of HTFAH

Who are our three favourite husband hunters dating in the real world? Find out.

Since HTFAH graced our screens, we can confidently brag about kowing everything about our favourite husband hunters. Jackie is the non-committal type and will do anything, even feign sleep to avoid the topic. Abigail goes after the man she wants with everything she's got, and that Carol is not the good wife after all.

We know everything there is to know about their onscreen love affairs or pursuits, but who are they really dating when they step out into the real world?

How to Find a Husband airs on Tuesdays at 22:00 CAT on Maisha Magic. Be sure to catch it, and if you miss it, you can also watch it on DStv Now or with Catch Up on your Explora.

Sarah Hassan as Carol

Married Carol, the only one who’s not looking for a husband but she can show us a thing or two about keeping one, or not. Looking for an adventure away from her mundane marriage, Carol sets her eyes upon the hot new chef at her restaurant. But who is Carol really dating in real life? A couple of months back in 2014, she was rumoured to be dating South Africa’s DJ Milkshake but nothing was ever confirmed. Don't they look cute together?



Lizz Njagah as Abigail

Abigail is the most persistent when it comes to finding a husband. She will hunt for herself if she has to. We all remember her bad speed dating experience, where she got herself a young stalker. Every man naturally becomes a conquest to her, look how she jumped on poor Chef Henry.

Well, in an ironic turn of events, she’s the only one who’s married in real life. And not just to anyone but to Greek man Alex Konstantaras, who is a film producer. The only men allowed to chase her are those on the set of HTFAH. Outside that, keep off because this one is taken.



Mumbi Maina as Jackie

Jackie is feisty and independent, she values her space, she’s outspoken about what she feels, and choosing to say it as it is rather than sugar-coating it. From what Nelson callously reveals to Robert in the previous episodes… she doesn't do commitments and doesn’t think twice about running in the other direction when things get too deep. Such rich character dynamics, but Mumbi like Sarah Hassan keeps her romantic life tightly under wraps. Oh, how we’d really like to unwrap this one.

We might not know who our favourite husband hunters are dating, but at least we have a dating show that always gives us all the details. Don’t miss Tujuane Plus, Tuesdays at 20:00 on Maisha Magic, also available on DStv Now.