Nelson, Abigail and Thomas in How to Find a Husband

How to Find a Husband serves more of the best quotes and drama.

Abigail broke it off with Nelson just after a few dates. Jackie broke up with Robert after going out a few times. Now we are confused. How are the ladies supposed to show us how to find a husband when they are busy breaking up with their potential ones? Let's keep watching to find out.

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And that’s not all that went down on How to Find a Husband. As usual our favourite ladies and the men in their lives were busy churning out some amazing quotes.

Abigail's husband hunting continues: “There is no way you are getting married before me.”

Poor Abigail, always approaching marriage like it’s some sort of competition. But we all know that the only reason Abigail could win this is because Jackie always runs to the other direction at the whiff of the word ‘commitment.’ Mary Jane Paul, unlike Jackie, would appreciate a genuine commitment, catch her on Being Mary Jane, Thursdays at 20:55 on BET.

Too much information from Nelson: “This is a girl who goes out with a guy then steps out the next morning like she’d just gone for milk and bread.”

Ouch, Nelson runs his mouth about Jackie to the least person he should be talking to - Robert - and the details are juicy. To get more juicy details about other people's lives, tune in to The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesdays at 17:40 on BET.

Robert, the detective: “It’s your turn to write down the number of men you’ve slept with.”

Digging into your girlfriend’s past, are we Robert? It is distasteful but are we the only ones thinking that Robert would make a pretty good NCIS detective just like Sam and Callen in NCIS: Los Angeles every Tuesday at 21:30 on M-Net.

Jackie speaks her mind: “I’ve always been safe, no exceptions, no concessions.”

Jackie doesn’t do well with ultimatums and she’s not about to concede to Robert. Remind you of someone? Yes, Cookie Lyon doesn’t take orders from anyone but Cookie. Watch her on Empire every Wednesday at 21:00 on FOX.

 But Jackie is just warming up:

“He should make a deeper commitment…to stay out of my business!”

Other than the prying Robert, Anne Kansiime is someone else you’d want to stay out of your business but she just keeps pushing in Don’t Mess with Kansiime every Wednesday at 20:00 CAT on Maisha Magic.

David's wise words: “You’re family, family doesn’t get paid.”

David is a little insensitive, don’t you think? How is Carol going to shop for her fancy clothes now that her credit cards have been cancelled by the ‘oh so rich but not so wise David’. Maybe she should ask Max and Caroline how to survive on a low budget in 2 Broke Girls every Saturday at 18:30 on M-Net.

Carol is ready to spill it: "Don’t you want to know if I’ve ever cheated on you?"

Carol offers David a chance at confession on a silver platter and he just laughs with his 'you can never cheat on me' attitude. He may not be that curious but the rest of us want to know how Annalise and her Keating 5 are getting away with murder on How to Get Away with Murder on Mondays at 20:00 on Vuzu Amp.

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