The ladies of HTFAH

This is what you missed on How to Find a Husband last week. Be sure to catch it this week.

If you are not already watching it yet, the rom-com HTFAH should be right on top of your list of funniest shows on DStv. I say this while still musing over episode 8, which delivered on both the funny and the melodrama. Let’s just say it was a mixture of really awkward speed dating and the jealousy fits that we love.

How to Find a Husband airs on Tuesdays at 22:00 on Maisha Magic. Be sure to catch it, and if you miss it, you can also watch it on DStv Now.

There is no one quite like Abigail; she’s impulsive, pushy, just a tad needy and says conceited things like ‘I’m too hot to lie.’ Girl please, you were dating two men at the same time!



For someone hell bent on finding a husband, Abigail sure has some husband-repellent qualities. Nevertheless, she has the perfect solution – speed dating.

Charlie boy meets Abigail: “Wassup! You’re so hoot!”

For Charles’ sake, I hope there’s a book out there with a title ‘Millenials guide to pick-up lines that work.’ He’s giving all 25-year-olds a bad name.

Then comes a Shakespearean Paulo: "What is life if not but a choice. And is it not your choice to be called what you choose to be called?"

Abigail’s poker face says it all; she’s never been a girl to be wooed by Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Abigail’s take three. Could easily likable Eliud be the guy she’s looking for? Abigail seems to think so until he smells her perfume. "That’s what Delilah used to wear."

“Really Eliud? Really? Why would you bring up your ex like that? I thought this was going somewhere, that we were starting to click, you know - like soul mates?” This is what I imagine Abigail is screaming in her head.

I hope Abigail has learnt her lesson - speed dating only works if the online profiles match the real person who shows up for the date. I mean if your profile says you are tall and athletic, is it so much to ask to deliver on your promise?

Meanwhile, some lies just won’t work on Jackie:



Here’s a piece of advice Robert: If you tell Jackie you’re working late, you better be sitting in that office finishing reports and crossing off to-do lists.

The good thing about Jackie (or is it bad?) is that one punch line is never enough for her. She has to show you just how much she can step on you: “Robert, to the left.”

The things you learn from Beyonce. And Robert is just speechless as he paves way for Queen Jackie.

Patricia could star in Horrible Bosses 3: “I’m really sorry for giving you work on your lunch hour but I mean, it’s only 55 pages.”

Right about now, Jackie wishes she were best buds with Cookie Lyon. Oh, the kind of things Cookie would say just to put Patricia in her place…let’s just say Anika Calhoun knows best. Catch Cookie in action on Empire on Wednesday 29 April at 22:00 on FOX.

And wait, here's Henry’s tip on public speaking:



Carol’s kitchen is getting steamier thanks to Henry. And David has no idea what is happening as he waits for Carol in his king-sized bed.

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