Carol, Abigail and Jackie in HTFAH

Here is what you missed on How to Find a Husband last week, be sure to catch the next episode.

It started with a request from Carol:

Let's all just overlook Carol’s and Henry’s obsession with the kitchen and move on. The thrill of the illicit is the bane of human existence or should I say Carol’s ‘perfect’ marriage. Who am I kidding? That marriage has been anything but perfect and David is the possessive husband type. But let’s not digress here. Carol had the ‘audacity’ to request Abigail and Jackie to surrender their apartment for a night because she’s having cooking lessons with Henry.

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Talking about cooking lessons, acclaimed chef G. Garvin would make a great teacher. Join him on Road Trip with G. Garvin on Wednesdays at 15:00 CAT on Food Network.

Meanwhile, away from the lovers’ borrowed lair, Abigail and Jackie are exhausting the bar’s alcohol supply. And somewhere in between this wildness, Jackie spots the lady boss Patricia and her boy toy Robert. I was really looking forward to Jackie causing a dramatic stir but her chaperone Abigail was having none of it. I just wanted to see some catfighting, you know like Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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Abigail plays the lying game:

“She’s having a little bit of food poisoning.” It's always sisters over misters as Abigail covers up for Carol with David. Taking moral fibre into consideration, is Abigail a liar or just a good friend?

Maybe she can get away with it, but try lying your way out of a lie detector test on Trisha, every Wednesday at 18:20 CAT on SONY.

David has earned the right to whine:



But Carol comes back with that famous line, “I don’t ask you when you come home late.” Reverse psychology, you should try it sometime.

Carol is winning this until… there is dough in her hair, it’s so tiny but it catches David’s attention. Believe it or not, the devil is in the details.

With all the suspicion building, will Carol’s new hobby be exposed? To get answers, don’t miss the next episode of HTFAH on Tuesdays at 22:00 CAT on Maisha Magic. Also available on DStv Now (Premium subscribers) which you can watch from anywhere, anytime even on your phone! Just download the DStv Now app for iOS and Android, and you are good to go.