Lenana Kariba as Henry in How to Find a Husband

As drama intensifies, don't miss the finale of How to Find a Husband.

David is busy firing people, Abigail contemplates taking Thomas back, independent Jackie is falling in love and Carol needs rescuing from a sociopath.

The final episode of How to Find a Husband airs on Tuesday, 26 May at 22:00 CAT on Maisha Magic. If you will be in lala-land already at the time, you can watch it on DStv Now or Catch Up with it on your DStv Explora.

Carol puts her foot down: "This is the last time we’ll be in a room together, alone."

And just when we thought Henry’s dark persona couldn’t get any grittier, he forfeits all the rules that made him a normal human being.

Rule number one: Never talk to a woman while holding a knife.

Rule number two: Don’t call her names like sunshine or baby while delivering threats. This is just creepy.

Rule number three: Don’t touch her face while holding a knife.

The only people I’ve seen do this are serial killers and since Henry is not a serial killer (or is he?), I think it’s safe to assume that he harbours sociopathic tendencies. On the outside, he’s got that killer smile and mesmerising stare that seduced Carol in the first place. But on the inside, he’s a closeted sociopath who’s just beginning to come out.

But let’s not be too quick to judge Henry here. Let us first demystify his complex as a sociopath. Does Henry qualify to be called one?

He’s cold and calculating. Look at how he set up Fridah, the snitch. He hides David’s bottle of wine in Fridah’s bag then tells on the poor girl who gets fired without as much as a warning.

But who can blame David, he’s just a pawn in this web of lies and Henry would like to see himself as the man pulling all the strings. When David asks him what he knows about women, look at how confident he’s become these days: "I know what they don’t get at home."

Let’s check box number two. Henry thinks he’s superior to David. Sociopaths have this grandiose self – image that makes them feel invincible.

He is manipulative, threatening to tell David about his affair with Carol if she doesn’t do it as soon as possible: "You wouldn’t like it coming from me."

He is authoritarian and thinks he has power over Carol, a power that he reinforces by talking while holding a kitchen knife in his hand so calmly: "We’ve already established that you are a grown woman, and grown women always know what they want."

Henry is entitled and possessive, he thinks he owns Carol and must have her no matter what it takes. These are the classical characteristics of a sociopath. And now that he’s been fired too, I can’t wait to see his next plan of action. There shall be war!

As drama intensifies, catch the finale of HTFAH on Tuesday, 26 May at 22:00 on Maisha Magic.