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Even though some economists beg to differ, millennials pretty much rule the world; in how they dress, shop, eat, date, use social media and even how they watch TV. Labeled the most restless generation, millenials are always on the move, be it in the workforce, seeing the world or just living life in general. And as such they are watching TV online and on the go to accommodate their ‘busy’ schedules. It’s no longer just about any show or movie that’s airing when you switch on your TV; millenials love the power of choice. They want to control what they watch and when and where they watch it. That’s where Video on Demand services like DStv Now come in.

With over 70 live streaming channels of international and local content, a comprehensive Catch Up library featuring some of the best and latest TV shows and a movie collection of over 1000 titles, DStv Now enables you to watch TV on the go on any device of your choosing – smartphone, tablet, PC or even chromecast on your TV. The DStv Now app is free to download on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for PremiumCompact Plus and Compact subscribers. 

Are you ready to watch TV like a millennial? Here are a few habits you can take up:

1. They are heavy on gadgets

Gadgets are to millennials what Red Bottoms are to Cardi B (if Bodak Yellow is anything to go by), both can’t live without them. Millennials take pride in their gadgets whether it is the latest cool tech or any other toy. At the moment smartphones and tablets are winning. For a generation that prioritizes convenience such as watching TV on the go, what better device than something they can carry around without much hassle. While enabling you to watch your favourite shows and movies on your smartphone, tablet, PC or chromecast on your digital TV, DStv Now also allows you to register up to five different devices on the same account.

2. They stream

Streaming really is the new black and millennials are right there at the forefront, leading the world towards the future. Millennials are streaming because it is convenient – TV on your own terms and with thousands of titles (movies and TV shows) to choose from. From world-best series (including kids and reality shows) and movies, to sports on Catch Up and numerous channels on Live TV, check out all the titles that are currently available for streaming on DStv Now.

3. They binge

Millennials make up the highest percentage of the binge-watching audience, according to Business Insider. And we all know no one is busier than a millennial binge-watching their favourite show. While weekly episodes have their own appeal, nothing beats the thrill of watching back to back episodes of a show you love, say The Walking Dead S8 which is currently available for binge-watching on DStv Now.

4. They watch anywhere, anytime

For a millennial, there is no formula to watching TV; no designated time or place. They watch TV when they feel like it wherever they are, be it in line as they wait for their morning coffee order or in the office powder room. They even watch TV in the dark when there is a blackout. How you ask? DStv Now offers you uninterrupted viewing even in case of a blackout, just ensure the device of your choice has enough charge or power and data to sustain the viewing.

We think you are ready to watch TV like a millennial. Here’s to the best life this festive season with DStv Now.



What to stream on DStv Now over the holidays: