Participants in Tujuane Plus

We offer a few tips to survive an invite to appear on Tujuane Plus.

Say you’ve been selected to appear on the blind dating show Tujuane Plus on Maisha Magic East. Yikes, blind dates, those are the trickiest ones. There you are, face to face with a stranger and yet somewhere between leaving your house and meeting your date, someone stole your charm.

You try to talk through it but everything just sounds so out of tune, and those awkward moments of silence don’t help either. How is it that it turned out so awful when all you wanted was to impress another human being, maybe to warrant a second date?

Well, you are not the only one. Stay tuned to Tujuane Plus every Tuesday at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East and see just how many people could use a few of these tips.

1. Talk about yourself without revealing too much

We all want to know more about the people we meet, personal information to create a little bit of connection. However, that doesn’t mean that you should spill it all on your first date. Make your date work a little harder at unwrapping the mystery that is you, by giving you a second date of course.

2. Don’t get cocky

Tujuane Plus history has taught us well, if your ego is already too big, the three of you can’t fit in the same room. Maybe you "have a chopper in the car", but don’t throw it in your date’s face. Unless that’s the reaction you were going for, cockiness is a turn-off.

3. Act interested

This follows the rule of "fake it till you make it". It is normal to switch off when your date is talking about something that doesn’t interest you. But here is the trick, just nod and sneak in a few words just to show you are listening.

4. Smiling is sexy

Smiling lightens the mood, not only by warming the heart of the other person but also by motivating them to say something cheerful. It's like a 'how you doin' without words.

4. Choose a fun activity

So you are not a conversationalist, big deal. You can still cheat your way around this by engaging in a fun activity.

5. Be knowledgeable about current affairs

Current affairs are a good conversation starter. Rake your brain for some interesting information that is in the public domain and then open the floor for discussion.

However, tread with caution here. No one likes a know-it-all.

To learn more do's and don'ts, keep watching Tujuane Plus every Tuesday at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East.