Betrayal for Love actor Hemed Suleiman.

A few tips to make your parents like your new man.

What kind of character do you look for in a man that you can take home to your parents? In this day and era, the men in our lives have to work extra hard not only to impress us but our parents as well. Tough job, I know, but a necessary relationship package deal.

So how do you make your parents like him as much as you do? Here are a few tips:


Charm them with presents

Gifts always warm the heart, but if he's terrible at giving presents, you can always nudge him in the right direction. For instance, if your parents have not migrated to the digital platform yet, pimp their entertainment by gifting them with a DStv Subscription so they can enjoy crystal clear entertainment.

Engage in good conversation

Before making that trip to your mama's house, tip him on the kinds of topics/activities your parents enjoy the most. For instance, if they are football lovers then maybe he can watch a football game on SuperSport with your dad while having some good food. This way, they can engage in some meaningful conversation while they're at it.

Must have good taste

If he can show that he is up to date with current information, he will definitely earn extra points. If your parents are into music, he could organise a surprise karaoke on a weekend. If this doesn’t work, he can get them a DStv Explora and they will be able to enjoy effortless entertainment on Catch Up and BoxOffice.

On that note, don't miss Betrayal for Love, a film about Jackie and Alex who, despite their different family backgrounds, fall in love. Jackie’s father is against the relationship because Alex is a poor man, so Jackie finally ends up being married off to a very rich guy who later loses his job because of drunkardness. Alex on the other hand prospers and as the saying goes, “What goes round come around”. He becomes the new boss to Jackie’s husband.

Watch the drama unfold on Betrayal for Love on Maisha Magic East (158) on Thursday, 25 June at 15:55 CAT.