Mumbi Maina in 29.

From drama, romance and thriller, these are the movies to watch on Maisha Magic East this weekend.

Maisha Magic East is giving you a little dose of inspiration and hope from the movies lined up this weekend. From drama and romance to thrillers, most of these movies have themes such as redemption, life and emancipation. Let’s take a look at the themes as we tell you why you have to tune in:

1. Redemption

Linda Karuru Asseko has produced an inspiring film about a young teenage boy in high school who lives in Kenya’s slum of Kibera with his mother and brother. Like many slums in the world, it’s a dangerous place to live in but their mother teaches them well and inspires them to always read books to open their minds. If you love stories that will touch your heart and make you care to help someone, meet the cast that includes Irene Ayimba, Bryan Mburu and Michael Odera for a moving story. Watch Kiberian Shakespear on Friday, 10 July at 19:00 CAT.



2. Emancipation

They say that age ain’t nothing but a number but that’s just what people say and not an ideal many live by. If you think there’s any truth in this, don't miss 29, a romance-drama about family and friends. The cast includes Mumbi Maina, Peter Kawa and Victor Gatonye. When Terry (Mumbi) discusses marriage with her boyfriend, she is unaware that she’s up for more heartbreak. At the same time, the 29 year old is at the turning point of her life. How will she turn things around? Make sure you watch the film, especially if you’re at your life’s turning point. 29 airs on Friday, 10 July at 20:05 CAT.



3. Despair

Talented director and producer Shemu Joyah is responsible for this film about a childless couple. When life has taken a toll of them, they make a drastic decision to adopt a baby from an orphanage. They employ an orphan – Sungisa - to take care of their new child. Someone ends up being molested and puts lives into despair. There are secrets that might spill. Watch this drama and see how it all unfolds. Seasons of a Life airs on Saturday, 11 July 19:00 CAT.

Still want more, here is a sneak peek of more to come on Maisha Magic East:

Maisha Magic East has got you covered with a weekend of great movies. Stay tuned all day everyday and especially this July!