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Now that we are done rolling our eyes and shaking our heads at those excessively cheery people who hang up their festive decorations as early as November, let's settle into the spirit of the festive season because well, Christmas is literally around the corner.

This season is about spending time with family, more so the kids, who need as much holiday cheer as they can get. It's about creating long-lasting beautiful memories that they will cherish forever. That said, here are some fun activities to do together with the kids. 

1. Build a Christmas tree

Building a tree is one of the traditions we need to get back to. I mean, just think about it – you and the kids creating something beautiful with just a couple of cardboards, glue, strings, paint, duct tape and some lights. If you actually manage to build a tree out of it, how’s that for a miracle. And it’s way fun-ner than having to buy a tree, no? Also, it’s quite pocket-friendly.

If you are ever in doubt about your building skills, our good friend Bob might give you and the kids a couple of tips on how to build things from beginning to end. Bob the Builder airs on Saturdays at 20:37 CAT on JimJam (310) or stream on DStv Now.



2. Give back to the less fortunate

Christmas is also a time to give to others and spread the holiday joy beyond the four walls of your house. It’s an important lesson for the kids to know that they shouldn’t just think about themselves but about others as well. After all, not all heroes wear capes. To get the kids in the mood of helping others, our space animation heroes Guardians of the Galaxy are on call anytime. Tune in to Guardians of the Galaxy on weekends at 07:50 CAT on Disney XD (304), and if that’s too early for you and the kids, you can always watch it later on DStv Catch Up.



3. Secret Santa surprise

Giving presents doesn’t have to be boring especially when the season is all about spreading cheer. Imagine how much fun you could all have as a family when everyone has a Secret Santa they know nothing about. The look on people’s faces on Christmas morning when exchanging gifts – that kind of surprise is priceless. You know who else is full of surprises, our favourite quirky fish Dory who goes on a quest to find her own parents in Finding Dory on Thursday 21 Dec at 15:18 on M-Net Movies Smile (105), which you can also stream on DStv Now.



4. Go on a treasure hunt

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt, especially when gifts are involved? This is one fun way to incorporate a game that the kids will enjoy knowing they’ll get rewarded for it in the end. Just hide gifts around the house and then set the rules – if you find it first, it’s yours. If you are adventurous enough, you can even go as far as hiding gifts in the backyard, that will get you and the kids some much needed outdoor fun. Time to go treasure hunting on DStv to get you ready, tune in to K-9 Adventures: Legend of the Lost Gold about kids who go on an adventure to find a legendary treasure, available to watch anytime on DStv Now.

5. Watch a Jesus movie

It is after all a celebration of the birth of Christ and what better way to teach the kids about the season than watching a movie or a show that tells the story of Jesus. Superbook, an animated series brings you Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend. Tune in on Saturdays at 08:30 on TBN (343) or watch it later on DStv Now.

6. Watch a family Christmas movie

This is an unrivaled tradition that always gets everyone in a good mood especially when the movie is relatable to all. In Holiday Joy, a dissatisfied teen who’s recently lost her mother gets her one Christmas wish for a perfect family. She gets it by waking up as a member of the perfect family next door but it’s not everything she hoped for especially after watching her dad and brother moving on with their lives. Holiday Joy is now available for renting on BoxOffice. (Not available in all countries)

7. Cook up a Christmas special

This season is also the time to cook up a storm, and what better delightful kitchen partner than the kids. Just make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions before you embark on this culinary adventure. Who better to inspire you than the master chef himself Jamie Oliver, tune in to Jamie's Christmas Cookbook on Saturday 23 Dec at 11:40 CAT on BBC Lifestyle (174). You can also stream it on DStv Now.