So you are having trouble keeping track of your account number, your DStv smartcard number, your phone number, bae’s phone number and a whole lot of other numbers that are essential to your existance. This can be a bit much but in the name of keeping things simple, the number that is the key to your DStv life is your smartcard number.

This is the number that can be found inserted in your HD decoder or your DStv Explora at the back. Why is it important to keep it on hand? Well, you can use it in place of your account number when paying for your subscriptionstopping up your BoxOffice account, registering for the DStv Now App and, last but not least, it helps you to get personalised help on the DStv Eazy Self Service.

1. Look for patterns

I know my fashion-forward masses collectively gave a resounding "Yaaaas!" However, it is a pattern of numbers that would be more useful here. If the numbers form a certain shape on the keyboard, then remembering them becomes a lot easier.

2. Turn them into a song

If you are the sort of person who likes to know things off the top of your head, then you will appreciate this method. Nursery rhymes work pretty well but if you want to keep it fresh, you could use a new popular song with a simple beat to follow.

3. Practice

Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. The more you say it, the more you will remember it. Get your kids in on the fun and practice with them. This method would pair well with the song method. It can become your household anthem.

4. Break it down

I am not talking about dancing - although if it helps your memory then go for it. Break down the numbers into twos so that you can cram your smartcard number, eg (12-34-56-78-90).

5. Save your smartcard number on your phone

This has to be the easiest and the most frequently used method. The fact that your phone can store so much of your information and make it available in the palm of your hand is lifesaving. It gets even better when you consider that you can also catch all your favourite shows on the phone with the DStv Now App.

With these tips and tricks, you will never be caught out without your smartcard number and our dedicated customer service agent can sort you out with ease

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