The cast of For Love & Justice

As you get immersed into the DStv telenovela universe, look out for these common plotlines

Telenovelas have come a long way from the days when the leading man just needed Tarzan hair, cowboy boots and a macho attitude to get everyone drooling. The standards are a little higher these days – chiseled face, ripped torso, Italian suits, boy band haircuts, rugged jawline – the kind of good grooming preached by fashion magazines. But there are things that will always remain the same - the tropes that you will find in all telenovelas. These plotlines are so common, we have come to expect them.

As you get into the new #DStvTelenovela For Love & Justice, weekdays at 19:00 only on Telemundo (Channel 118), see how many tropes you can identify from this list.

1. Karma is for real

While others may brush off the moral code of "do bad things and bad things happen to you", crime doesn’t go unpunished in the world of telenovelas. Unless, of course, you are one of those guys who see the error of their ways and decide to reform before karma is served.

2. Death is never final

It is hard to kill anyone who still has some major contributions to the plotline. You could shoot them or blow them up but these peeps will survive. Even those you just want to gerrarahia and leave our good protagonists alone, can often surprise you by coming back.

3. Poor girl meets rich boy or vice versa

In telenovelas, class is important; marrying beneath your class is frowned upon, especially by those close to you. But people seldom stick to their lane. Should you fall for someone from a different class, sharpen your claws and be ready for battle because the universe will fight you.

4. Innocent people are most prone to jail

There is always someone doing time for a crime they didn’t commit, that guy or girl who’s been set up by the guilty one. And in this jail, there is always someone mean, probably another bitter loser working for the guilty party that put the sweet, innocent in prison in the first place.

5. Beware of cousins, they are a jealous bunch

If you are in a perfect relationship (engaged to be married) and successful, the first person who will plot to bring you down is always your cousin or they could stretch it to your sibling or your closest friend. Trust me on this one.

6. Insanity could give you a free pass to freedom or a lenient sentence

A villain can’t just be a bad person doing bad things, there’s always some insanity tag pulled under the rug – bipolar, split personality or just some mental disorder we have to look up on Google to understand our villain better.

7. Knowing the truth too early could cost you

Woe unto you if you discover the truth before its time. Somehow, the universe will find a way to shut you up. The common way is through amnesia, or if a minor character, this is the time they meet their untimely death.

8. There must be a grand wedding in the finale

Telenovelas end with a bang, after all our two favourite love birds have earned their grand exit after battling all the hate, revenge, conniving and evil that threatened their love. So yes, we approve the big weddings. If the villain was at large, this is also the time for them to show up, threatening to shoot someone.

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