Actor Luwi who stars as Leo on Maza on Maisha Magic East

His name is Benjamin Komora but let’s call him Luwi Capello Macreepa. He is so used to his stage name, no one calls him by his real name anymore unless of course you are in his closest circle like his mother and Nairobi Diaries’ Pendo who still call him Ben.

You might know Luwi as Pendo’s on and off boyfriend in the ever dramatic Nairobi Diaries but he is now playing Leo on the new and intriguing show on Maisha Magic EastMaza. Set in the coastal city of Mombasa, Maza tells the story of an envious woman, her drastic action against her best friend and the aftermath of it all.

Tune in to Maza from Monday - Friday at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East (158).

Luwi spills the tea on his new character, and even tells us more on his relationship with Pendo.

1. What character do you play in Maza?
I play Leo, a fashion designer who runs an online store. Things get more interesting for him when he falls in love with a girl called Maya at the request of his mother. You see Leo comes from a family of witches and so his mother Kate fixes him up with this girl Maya just so he can hurt and humiliate her but he ends up falling in love with her.

2. Wow, that’s intense, what does your character’s mother Kate have against Maya?
Leo’s mother Kate has always been jealous of her best friend Lea who is Maya’s mother, she wants to take over her family. As usual, she uses her witchcraft and turns Lea into a cat. Everyone thinks she’s dead including her husband and two children but she is just around the house as the family cat. When it comes to Maya, Kate’s plan is to make her fall in love with Leo to ruin her reputation and get her thrown out of the house.

3. In your opinion, do you think Leo is a bad guy since he does his mother’s bidding and goes after Maya?
I don’t think he’s a bad guy because he only does this to impress his mother. He respects his mother and wants to make her happy even though he knows what he’s doing is not right. He realizes this later on when he falls in love with Maya.

4. What do you like most about playing Leo?
Leo is a chilled guy and apart from his family’s witchcraft, he’s the only one who has goodwill with everyone. He wants the best for everyone because he is not so much into the witchcraft like his mum. I think Leo would be much happier if he was not born into that family.

5. Away from your love life in Maza, and away from the cameras on Nairobi Diaries, let’s talk about your love life in real life and your relationship with Pendo.
Pendo is bae, we’ve been having issues but that happens in all relationships. Sometimes we don’t get to talk about these issues especially when I’m in Mombasa but at the end of the day we support each other. We are good like that. Just know that we have some new hits coming up as I am also her choreographer.

6. How did your role in Nairobi Diaries prepare you for the role of Leo role in Maza? Do you think these two characters have anything in common?
If you look at Leo and Luwi, they are not that far apart. First of all, they both share the love for fashion. And then Nairobi Diaries has a lot of drama and in Maza too, there is drama between Leo and his mum who are always fighting. They also really love deeply. In Maza, Leo is in love with Maya and in Nairobi Diaries, Luwi is also in love. Most people will get it twisted but they really love the women in their lives. I can say they are both romantic people.

7. Would you call yourself a socialite?
No, despite what people might think I don’t consider myself a socialite. These are just the tags people give you when they see you like let’s say in Nairobi Diaries. I’m just a guy who is living his life.

8. What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you on social media?
There is this fan who used to watch me on TV and she would take whatever she sees on the screen as real life, then she tweeted me: “Men like you are the ones who break relationships, I really hate you.” She didn’t understand that life because of how we control the show on TV.

9. How do you feel when people judge you like that because of what they see on TV? For instance, your character on Maza will certainly receive some backlash.
Honestly, at first when I started appearing on Nairobi Diaries, it got to me because everyone always had something to say. But then I realized that everyone will always have their opinion so just take it, laugh about it and move on.

10. As someone who is always in the limelight, what are some of the few things people don’t know about you?
Some people think I’m conceited but mostly it’s because they have never talked to me, they just see me and assume a lot of things. Once they get to know me, they always find out I am just a cool guy. I am very understanding, I love everyone and I don’t even keep grudges.

Want to watch Luwi as Leo? Tune in to Maza every weekday from 19:30 on Maisha Magic East (158).