Mr Singh from Mrs and Mrs Singh

It's family time on DStv, see if your family can match up to these ones. They are a handful, we promise!

Each family on TV has the most interesting family dynamics. In real life we see people playing favourites, not getting along and feuds erupting everywhere like with the Singhs - this also plays out in the world of television.

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Let’s see who takes the crown for most interesting family on TV.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is arguably the most uniquely vibrant family TV show. The mix of the calm Jenners and eccentric Kardashians makes for very good entertainment. But sometimes we wonder, is Kris really their mother or their sister, because if we (Africans) spoke to our mum like that… let’s just say we won’t live to tell the tale. Keep up with the Kardashians on Wednesday 1 April at 23:00 CAT on E!

Nothing has weird funny family dynamics like Modern Family. The relationships in the Duffy family alone make you wonder who the parents are and who the kids are. Mitchell’s growing family is adorable - especially with Lily in it. Then there’s Phil and the whole larger family, it’s just baffling at times to see how they all relate to each other. Watch Modern Family on Wednesday 1 April at 19:30 CAT on M-Net.

No family on TV leaves us mind boggled after each episode like Shameless. Where do we even begin, Frank the alcoholic and drug addict father who has liver failure, his 9 year old son in jail for smuggling heroin, the bipolar gay son, the eager teenage girl and Fiona the semi-responsible one… the list is endless, but one thing is constant: it’s entertaining and there is the indestructible family love in there. To feel Shameless with the Gallaghers, tune in to M-Net Series Zone on Wednesday 1 April at 23:02 CAT.

And finally we have the hilarious animated Family Guy, one of our favourites on TV. Where do we start with the Griffins… their alcoholic dog, Peter’s relationship with everyone including their neighbours and Meg - she should really sue her family for emotional distress. Get more of the Family Guy on Thursday 2 April at 20:35 CAT on FOX.


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