Euro 2016 England

It is the biggest football clash of 2016. Emotions are flying but so are goals with the likes of Germany, France, Spain and Italy smiling all the way. England, not so much. With 10 matches down, the battle for Uefa Euro 2016 now intensifies as the tournament enters the second week.

This is also the time for early kick-offs, which means you probably won’t be home on time to catch the games. So how about watching it LIVE on your smartphone or tablet? Yes, DStv Now brings you the biggest Euro 2016 early kick-off games right where you are, no hustle. Just ensure your gadget has enough charge and data to sustain the viewing,

Don’t miss out. Check out the early kick-off schedule on DStv Now:

Wednesday 15 June at 16:00 – Russia v Slovakia

Thursday 16 June at 16:00 – England v Wales

Friday 17 June at 16:00 – Italy v Sweden

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