Hillary R Clinton and Donald J Trump

In the next 72 hours, the world is anticipating the next president of the United States. Will it be the Republican candidate Donald Trump or will it be Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton? We'll have to keep it on any of the 16 DStv channels dedicated to covering the US Presidential Elections 2016 to find out who will emerge as the new #POTUS. Make sure you keep it DStv Now to watch election coverage wherever whenever!

That aside, this election season has really brought about the most in everyone. Let us look at the many funny, hilarious, awkward and yuck moments the campaign season has given us as it comes to a close end. 

1. The 2016 US Elections brought about the fun and crazy in everyone. Social media has been there to capture the WTF moments. Here are some tweets we can’t forget: Someone challenges Trumps' negotiation capacity: You are fired!



Did you say delete? *sips tea*


Chicken was not left out in any of these low blows.




And Jay Z and Bey too. *sips lemonade*


When someone puts the election in perspective and nails it.


2. That awkward moment when Melania Trump’s speech, which headlined the Republican National Convention's opening night, veered off course at some point and sounded exactly like the one Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. The internet did not let her eat, sleep or live at that point.


3. This moment at one of the debates has us reminiscing back to that American Idol duet by Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini back in 2008.

4. That moment when Hillary was caught low key repping for Death Row Records.


But that moment was quickly dismissed by the Battlestar Galactica Admiral.


There were even funnier moments of the US Presidential Election 2016 on the internet. All fun and games aside now. DStv will be bringing you the Election Coverage through its 16 dedicated channels.  CNN (401), Al Jazeera(406), BBC (400) and Sky News (402) will be among channels. Dont wanna miss the big announcement? DStv Now will have you watching the elections whenever wherever!