Kenyan- American actor Edi Gathegi

Kenyan-born Hollywood actor Edi Gathegi has landed a role as the new villain in the third season of The Blacklist.

Kenyan-born American actor Edi Gathegi, famous for his roles as Laurent (Twilight), Dr. Jeffrey Cole (House) and Darwin (X-Men: First Class), has landed a recurring role as the new villain in the third season of The Blacklist.

Gathegi ,who currently stars on Proof, will moonlight as Mr. Solomon, Reddington’s new nemesis in the upcoming season. For this role, Gathegi has been described as "a monster in gentleman’s clothing".

As you wait for the September premiere of The Blacklist S3, catch Edi as Dr. Zedan Badawi, the ambitious Kenyan intern who assists Dr. Carolyn Tyler in Proof, every Friday at 20:30 on M-Net.

The Blacklist has featured villains with catchy names (but you must admit some of them are corny) like Berlin, The Decembrist, The Freelancer, The Stewmaker, The Good Samaritan, The Judge, The Alchemist, The Kingmaker, but none of them has survived the mighty Red.

Well, except for the elusive and almost ghostly Cabal, the mysterious organisation that is hell-bent on eliminating Red; revenge can be petty sometimes.

And it’s about to get even stickier as Mr. Solomon surfaces as an envoy of the Cabal. Imagine a villain called Mr. Solomon, the name alone gives you an idea on the kind of man he’ll be.

For the sake of predictions, let’s profile this new villain for a second.

I assume Mr. Solomon is the kind of guy who has a thing for well-tailored suits, especially the charcoal grey kind. On certain days, he prefers the black ones with a crisp white shirt inside. He pockets a lot when he talks, keeping his eyes intent on his subject.

He hates Cuban cigars because that is what you’d expect a guy like him to smoke but he’s a non-conformist, unpredictable, and sleek. He almost slithers when he appears, only showing himself when it’s absolutely necessary.

He doesn’t talk much but when he does, he’s a charmer. He is also the kind of guy who’s good at entertaining women but doesn’t have much patience for them either. He values loyalty and hits hard when betrayed.

As expected of his ilk, he is hard to please. Also, I imagine he smiles when delivering threats or simply acts like it’s a non-issue.

In short, Mr. Solomon is everything a classic villain isn’t, which makes him the most dangerous of them all. This is the kind of villain you don't wish to have bad blood with.

And although, Red is always invincible (naturally), I hope Mr. Solomon will have a better fighting chance than his much-hyped predecessor, Berlin, who in the end didn’t deliver on his legendary villainy.