A leap year is rare, that is why this year's Easter is something quite special. Many will be travelling out of their cities and some will get to enjoy the mile high jetting to exotic destinations with their families. The aim will be to enjoy the holidays with family.

Having good food will definately set the tone for the long weekend. Besides chocolate Easter eggs and candy, an array of different foods will be served in different nations as a special meal served just for the occasion.

Here’s a glance at how some and cultures celebrate this lively holiday with different foods.

In the city of Haux, France, Easter egg takes on extreme proportions - literally. Chefs prepare an omelet for over 1,000 people in the city's main square. The tradition was supposedly started during Napoleon’s reign when he ordered a giant egg dish for his soldiers during Easter. Last year’s egg dish was just shy of 3m in diameter, comprised of 5 211 eggs, 21 litres of oil and 45kg of bacon, onion and garlic.


In Russia, the treat for the sweet tooth comes in the form of Pashka, which is a pyramid-shaped dessert made of cream cheese. The sweet dish is often decorated with religious symbols, such as the letters XB from “Christos Voskres”, which means “Christ is Risen”.

Ethiopia also uses eggs in its traditional Easter delicacy. Doro wat, a spicy chicken stew with more than a dozen boiled eggs, is usually served during the celebrations.

No British Easter would be complete without a hot cross bun! This is a sweet-spiced bun marked with a cross and it has been eaten for hundreds of years.

In South Africa, Cape Malay pickled fish is traditionally eaten on Good Friday, alongside hot cross buns. 

In Greece, Tsoureki, a type of bread flavored with an essence drawn from the seed of wild cherries, is often decorated with hard-boiled eggs that have been dyed red. This is to symbolise the blood of Christ.


Most countries in Africa do not have a rich history of special meals for Easter. However, everybody loves a holiday because the food is always extra special. In Kenya and Tanzania for instance, most Easter tables will definitely be laden with some good old chapatti, chicken stew and nyama choma (barbequed meat)!

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