Chef Pascal at Sankara

Easter is upon us! Many families will be spending time together either at home or away.

Food is a big part of Easter with various cultures having specific foods during the festive season. In the French city of Haux, for example, Easter eggs take on extreme proportions - literally. Over 1 000 people gather in the city's main square to share an omelet. The tradition was supposedly started during Napoleon’s reign when he ordered a giant egg dish for his soldiers during Easter.

It is peculiar how a majority of Easter specials contain eggs of all kinds. Sankara’s pastry chef, Pascal Poitevin, shows us how make chocolate Easter eggs that are perfect for a Sunday brunch - a fun activity for you and your family.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making chocolate eggs with chef Pascal:

Pascal has been all over the world doing what he does best, making parties. We had a sit down with him and he revealed what inspires him in his culinary journey. Hailing from France and now in Nairobi, chef Pascal has garnered quite the experience in Europe, America and now in Africa.

Here is Pascal Poitevin on the spotlight!

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