From Kansiime to Churchill, we sample the funniest people in East Africa.

Stand-up comedy has witnessed tremendous growth across the continent and has become such a lucrative career to get into. This scene has many competing acts like Trevor Noah (who has just been named the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central), Basketmouth, Tumi Morake and more.

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In East Africa we have several comedians, but who can really battle it out for the crown of King or Queen of comedy in the region? Let’s look at some of our top picks:

Kenneth Kimuli, the king of comedy in Uganda is funny, smart and conscious of society. His content focuses mostly on serious issues affecting society e.g politics and morality among other things. He started out in 2004 and is still trailblazing!

Anne Kansiime the Queen of Ugandan comedy is smart, bubbly and utterly hilarious. She draws her inspiration from her family and credits them for making her as funny as she is. She’s famous in Kenya too and can beat the best of the best.

Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, is a very well known and talked about comedian from Kenya. His comedic prowess transcends what most comedians do, he has a unique ability to make a very intelligent person and an ordinary person laugh. His content is usually based on current issues and observations.
Stand up in Tanzania wasn’t really a big thing until a couple of years ago, comedians like Evans Bukuku paved the way for many young comedians. Evans is the face of stand up in TZ, he is super smart, hilarious and his content is unique.

Eric Omondi, the rib cracker, cross-dressing, remix master rose to stardom by working as an apprentice host on the Churchill Show. He is super talented and has triple threat abilities as he can dance, sing and act!

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