Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Get into DStv sequels by catching the thrilling sequels on DStv Now

For die-hard film lovers, it’s never enough when the movie ends. We keep talking about it, reading reviews and waiting for a sequel. Thankfully, most sequels have left us as satisfied as when we watched the original films. It’s like having a second scoop of ice cream or a second go at a merry-go-round, so to speak. Here are a few sequels that you can’t miss on DStv’s Sequel-apalooza on DStv Now.


1. Sister Act II

Sister Act remains one of the most financially successful comedies of the 1990s. You can’t think about this film without remembering the good acting days of the Oscar award-winning Whoopi Goldberg. From the first Sister Act, we loved her character, Deloris Van Cartier, and her vagabond ways that both shocked and thrilled the nuns. This is also where we saw one of Lauryn Hill’s few screen appearances. Bad habits die hard - the second part is not really the last of Deloris’ mischievous ways.


2. Honey, I Blew up the Kids

When Honey, I Shrunk the Kids came out it was an instant hit. What was supposed to be a comedy was also a brilliant thriller. Every second of the film, we wondered how Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) would figure out that his experimental shrink ray had actually minimized his kids. When he finally realizes it all, we are thrilled. As if the first wasn’t distressing enough, the sequel blows up the kid. This is a must-watch.


3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games remains one of the most epic sci-fi films. Based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, the first film reminds us of a 1984-esque eventuality if the universe subject to totalitarianism. Seeing teenagers subjected to the annual "Fight to Death" game is so heart wrenching but when our favourite couple both emerge alive – we find redemption. In the second part, Katniss Everdeen has returned home safely. However, there is a rebellion simmering. The plot becomes even better than the first.



4. Kill Bill: Volume II

You can never go wrong with Quentin Tarantino, but as a word of caution, look out for his extremes. In the first version of Kill Bill, we are introduced to a sexy Uma Thurman as the bride who is seeking revenge. The original film was too long so it ended up being cut into two. Either way, the last part emerged the best. We get to see if the revenge was really achieved.


Download the DStv Now app on your smartphone or access it online via your PC and start enjoying the sequel bonanza lined up for you. Other sequels to watch out for on DStv Now are Why Did I Get Married Too, Three Men and a Little Lady, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Transformers: Edge of Extinction.