Amina enjoying a wine food pairing with Moet

When it comes to dining etiquette, trust DStv Foodies to be in the know. We recently got an invite for champagne and food pairing from the exquisite Moët & Chandon here in Nairobi. While still on the wine subject, make sure you check out Man Food Fire for an adventure in the California wine vineyards and the perfect cookouts on Thursday 13 April at 16:30 CAT on Food Network (175).

Here are a few champagne do's:

1. The name champagne is reserved only for sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France with grapes grown and handled under very special conditions.

2. Champagne and sparkling wine should be served in a flute, not a bowl on a stem – the large surface area makes the bubbles dissipate quicker. 

3. Save popping the bottle loudly for the Grand Prix and similar sporting events. Champagne is opened by simply removing the foil and the wire. Then, gently twist the bottle allowing it to release with a muted thud that shows nothing but sophistication on your part.

Frenchman and champagne connoisseur Pierre-Louis Araud speaks to us about grapes from the Champagne region of France and how they became the Moët & Chandon consumed at the table. He also schools us on how to pair different foods with what they have to offer. Here is what sophistication in a bottle looks like: