Action actor Liam Neeson

If you were to choose your dad from the leading men that star in movies on DStv, who would it be?

Imagine if you had the chance to choose a movie actor as your dad. From the daring Danie Craig in his Bond movies to the dreamy Patrick Dempsey, who would you choose? Who would you want as your dad?

In celebration of Father's Day, we sample some of the actors that will be starring in the movies on DStv this weekend. Let’s find out what would happen if these actors were your fathers:

1. The easy-going, smiley Tom Hanks

You’d get away with a lot of mischief if Tom Hanks was your dad. He is the kind of dad who’d slip goodies your way and then feign surprise when Mum asks. He is also the kind of dad who would want to meet all your friends even when you don’t feel like it. Join the 1990s power on-screen couple of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Saving Private Ryan on Friday, 19 June at 15:55 on Studio Universal.



2. The socially awkward Mr. Bean

Well imagine that the British legendary comedian Mr. Bean was your dad. That would be one quirky ride. He's the kind of dad who would make strange comments whenever your friends are around, but would love you all the same. Catch his quirky ways in Bean on Saturday, 20 June at 12:15 on Studio Universal.


3. The comedian Steve Martin

Steve Martin looks like the kind of dad who would insist on chaperoning you to a date, then sit at a strategic corner and intimidate the two of you with his stare. Watch him try to sabotage his daughter’s wedding in Father of the Bride on Sunday, 21 June at 13:45 on Studio Universal.



4. Action hero Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is the overprotective father who would smell trouble or danger a mile away. He’s the kind of dad who’d just sit on a couch facing the door (with his gun cocked) when he hears someone breaking in, and then bust them out through the same door with one kick. Do you think you can take him? Find out in the action-packed Non-Stop, Sunday, 21 June at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere.


5. Kung-fu master Jackie Chan

It’s not easy having a kung-fu master like Jackie Chan for a father. First, he’d wake you up very early in the morning because the cold temperatures at dawn intensify the kung fu training. Then he’d make you do some serious routines with bags of sands tied to your knee or carrying bricks on your shoulders. Think you can handle it, catch this Shaolin master in The Tuxedo, on Sunday, 21 June at 20:00 on M-Net.


Oh, and from DStv, Happy Father's Day. Whether or not your dad actually is an action hero, we hope you have a present to give him for being your dad this weekend.