Karoge Tena on Maisha Magic Bongo

Learn from Maisha Magic Bongo on proper beheviour this December

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, the holiday season has officially begun. No matter where you are and what you do, there is a merry mood already in the air so you have to carry yourself with an attitude and expectation for celebration – it’s never that serious. But with parties and holidays come so much drama, especially when extended family and friends meet, just like you'll witness on Maisha Magic Bongo (160) this December.

1. Share the Love

It’s the time to show love to everybody, irrespective of age, race and religion. Don’t forget to take time to show love to frenemies just like family. This is the time to reach out to all the people who might have wronged you or vice versa. On Friday 11 December at 18:30 CAT, watch the film Sanam Bewafa, a drama romance about neighbours who are arch enemies but have to be friends or at least feign friendship when their family members unite.

2. East or west, home is best

Sometimes in life, we want to be independent and do things our way. It’s our ultimate show to the world but mostly our family and critics that we are old enough to make our own rules. This December, be easy and stay at home with family. Watch the film My Mummy about a grandmother watching her grandchildren squabble prompting one of them to leave for the city, on Wednesday 16 December at 19:30 CAT.

3. Be Loyal

It's also the time to stay loyal to friends and family - the people who matter in your life. You don’t want to start a fight during the festive season. Watch Karoge Tena where two men plot to trick a girl using a love portion on Thursday 17 December at 19:35 CAT.

4. Be honest

Try to be honest when you are around people, especially during this season. You don't want to end the year being branded as a liar and having bad blood with those close to you. To see why you must maintain honesty, watch the film Sikujua on Wednesday 23 December at 19:30 CAT.

5. Church Etiquette

During this season, there are several instances where we have to go to church or host a pastor just to offer thanks to God for blessings throughout the year. Remember to be on your best behaviour. On 25 December at 16:00 CAT, watch the film God’s Kingdom for some dramatic escapades in a church.