DStv Eazy Self Service

Learn how to do it yourself with DStv Eazy Self Service.

You know how you multitask with your remote control – pausing, forwarding, rewinding, muting, recording, selecting channel numbers? DStv Eazy Self Service is like that, allowing you to click through and attend to any DStv service from anywhere, anytime. There is so much more you can do yourself with DStv's Eazy Self Service:

Clear error messages

Error messages on your DStv decoder can be frustrating, especially if they interfere with your entertainment needs. With DStv Self Service, you can clear all those error codes whenever they pop up by yourself, without breaking a sweat. You can do it via SMS or online.

Manage your DStv account

I'm sure you know that you can manage your DStv account via SMS or online right? Right! And the options are diverse:

  • View the amount due and due date on your subscription
  • View your payment history
  • Find locations where you can pay for your subscriptions
  • Update your email address
  • Update your mobile number

Watch How-to videos

DStv offers how-to videos that help you understand different services better in an easy and simple way. The videos you can watch include:

  • How to get details of mobile payment vendors in your area
  • How to determine your due date and due amount
  • Get answers to frequently asked question.

Find the videos online here.

Get answers to frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions concerning your DStv decoder? Don’t worry. Just access the frequently asked questions page (FAQs) online and get answers on a wide range of topics: the DStv Explora, HD high definition, price increase 2015, change of decoder ownership, HD PVR decoder, French addon reshuffling, single view HD decoder, payment, troubleshooting, channels and packages, XtraView, decoders and equipment and software. Just scroll through and you’ll find all the answers you need.

No need to make a call or ask a friend, with our DStv Eazy Self Service you can get anything fixed.