Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev. Kathy Kiuna of JCC

Catch Allan and Kathy Kiuna on Happily Ever After on Maisha Magic East as they discuss what holds their marriage together

Say you are the most adorable couple on your side of the universe. And that you spend most of your day exchanging emoji love messages and when the love is just too much to handle, you annoy single people by populating Instagram with your pictures. Reality check, if we are to use the Kiunas as the SI unit to all relationships, then yours is still just existing.

But take consolation in the fact that you are not alone and that there are many couples like you out there who don’t buy each other $40 million planes like Jay and Bey or fly to Pretoria to play golf like the Kiunas. Take comfort in the fact that at least the Kiunas are giving us such high relationship goals.

It is no secret that Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna (leaders of JCC church) are among the most lavish couples this side of Sub-Saharan Africa. Their life is a social media staple, laced with just the right amount of controversy to bother everyone with an internet connection. Little known bloggers have spiraled to fame just by spreading rumours about the Kiunas.

This couple has no problem with PDA, the acceptable kind of course. They have even lost weight together. Check your life right now and check your relationship. Do you still need more proof that the Kiunas' example should be declared national relationship goals for all couples?

But in a union as complex as marriage, how does this couple manage to keep their love young and thriving? 

What does it take to get the "and they lived happily ever after" ending? Has theirs always been a bed of roses? Well, if Kathy’s words are anything to go by, marriage is work, work and more work.

Featured in the new show Happily Ever After on Maisha Magic East (158), the Kiunas discuss the strings that hold marriage together, also revealing why their union has survived for better or for worse and in sickness and in health.

Tune in for the premier episode on Tuesday, 5 April at 19:30 and let's all hope they will explain this. Like how do the rest of us get all this awesomeness in our lives?


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