Diamond Plantumz performs

Awards season never goes by without Diamond Platnumz's name in the mix.

Diamond has just been nominated for a BET Award in the Best Internationational Act Africa category. Fans have been wondering how Diamond does it all so we went on a quest to find out.

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Here is how Diamond stays winning:

Staying motivated

Everyone who is on a quest to succeed needs motivation to put in the hard work. Nothing motivates a man more than the need to see his offspring flourish - something to do with evolution. Lil Tiffah seems to trigger the mature side of Chibu Dagonte - the name Diamond goes by on his Instagram. From the praises he showers his daughter to the cute videos of her dancing to the latest bongo hits, we can see why Diamond wakes up in the morning.

Eat well

Even the bible says a man who doesn’t work doesn’t get to partake in the feast. For the hardworking man that is Diamond, a good diet is essential in order to keep up with all that he does. Successful people eat well!

Rest and recover


Diamond is the ultimate workaholic. Booking shows on different continents within the same week is nothing new for the star. After all that work, a man has to rest and if his IG pics are anything to go by, the man sure rests in style. The most productive people take time off to get some rest and recuperate - especially those in the performing arts. 


Every successful person has to have a support system. Uganda's Zari the boss lady is all Diamond needs in this case. She has held him down from day one despite their love getting a lot of scrutiny on the internet. Diamond and Zari have emerged stronger than ever with her accompanying him on tours and being his leading lady at awards shows. She has also made a nice peaceful home for him to rest after putting in work. Zari is the ultimare ride-or-die and a succesful man needs that.

Play hard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as the saying goes. But we are talking about Diamond, play might as well be his last name. To succeed, you gotta play as hard as you work. This is not a problem for Diamond who frequently takes time from his concerts to tour around the cities he visits in order to create memories with his family.

The secret is out now. That is Diamond's recipe for success. To vote for him in the Best International Act Africa category, go to www.betafrica.tv. You have from 20 May to 2 June 2016 to have your say.

Be sure to check out Inside Bongowood, Tuesdays at  15:30 on Maisha Magic Bongo.