This December, Maisha Magic East is going devious on us. New shows are on the line up with leading ladies who can strir up drama in a show. Here is what we have for you this December.

Starting with Sumu la Penzi, Season 2 is upon us. We can't wait to see what Ama, Mariam, Eva and Tindi have been up to. The last time we caught up with them, the four women were all about relationship drama as they ran the streets of Nairobi. Catch the show Monday to Wednesday at 18:30 CAT.

With the holiday season in high gear, many of us are planning to go up country to visit the village folks. In Ngahehia Cia Wendo its quite the opposite as a notorious group of young men brought up together in the same village move to the city in search of jobs, money, fun and love. The devious comes in when a village boy tries to use his village charms on a city girl and it all ends up in drama. Don’t miss it every Friday 19:30 CAT.

The local shop is the centre of neighbourhood wisdom, gossip and drama and in every local shop is a Mama Duka - our wise all-knowing shopkeeper.  She has so much advice to give so we suggest you just tune in on Monday at 19:30 CAT. 

The rib cracker Househelps of Kawangware will keep you entertained this holiday season.  The show is about house helps in the popular dog eat dog Kawangware slum where survival is only for the fittest. Tune in on Wednesday 16 December at 20:00 CAT.