Ngahehia cia Wendo characters on set

Ngaheha cia Wendo is a local vernacular comical drama revolving around the love lives of three young men brought up together in the same village, from where they opted to move into the city in search of better lives. However, life in the city proves to be quite a tussle for them and every day is a challenge with every attempt to fit in only serving as a reminder of just how desperate their lives are, thanks to the shoddy background from which they emerged. 

Make sure you tune in to the show on Friday 9 October at 19:30 CAT on Maisha Magic East.

We managed to have a chat with Kangethe, the producer of the show. He talked about the perfect recipe of making a kikuyu love show, some challenges he faced and more about the show.

Kangethe finished off with a few wise sayings in mundu wa nyuba style. Lovers and friends, here is the video below - look out for the wise kikuyu sayings at the end for a good laugh.