Cookie Lyon and Olivia Pope

As Empire S2 and The Fixer S5 both premiere next week on DStv, who do you think is better at being bad?

While some shows are getting canned for below par ratings, Empire is gearing up for Season 2 set to premiere this week. And the one person the world can’t wait to see back in action is Cookie Lyon, wielding her armour of choice – her zingers (and her shoes). May she never lose her wit and wisdom.

You cannot miss this star in her Emmy Award-nominated role as the second season of Empire premieres on Thursday 24 September at 21:00 on FOX (DStv Channel 125).

But before Cookie ever hurled her designer shoes at Lucious, before she declared war on Boo Boo Kitty and the string of women swarming around her babies, there was Olivia Pope, DC’s finest fixer, a gladiator in a suit.

The Fixer S5 will be coming to you at 03:00 on Saturday 26 September on M-Net, Express from the US, which means you get to watch it when it airs in real time.

Cookie and Olivia are both different in the roles they embody but if you look past Cookie’s street vocabulary and Olivia's powerful circle, these women have so much in common, it’s no wonder Taraji P Henson auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope.

Both actors are strong black women, a quality a Shonda Rhyme’s critic stereotyped as "the angry black woman complex".

Olivia dazzles in her office wear silk shirts and coats and evening couture gowns. On the other hand, Cookie is the queen of prints and fur or is it minks (I forget the difference). She is the only woman who can pull off such a look in a boardroom, look out of place and not really care because she knows she’s killing it.

Both women may as well have their own fashion lines if one was not too busy cleaning up the dirty laundry of every rich man in town as the other fights for an empire.

And we have all noted and loved every minute of it, these fierce women are unforgettably quotable. Somehow, it would just be wrong if none ever publishes a book of quotes - A Masterclass with Olivia Pope or Cookie sounds like the kind of book you’d never lend to anyone who has a history of losing things.

Now in the new seasons of The Fixer and Empire, we expect a lot of "fixing" and clandestine Oval Office maneuvering from Olivia, and a lot of meddling and if she can't help it, more shoe throwing from Cookie. She should just work a little bit on the aiming though.

But in the meantime, let’s pit these two against each other. In a world where there can only be one queen bee, who would win this war? Vote for your favourite below.