The cast of One in a Million on Maisha Magic East

Stay tuned to Maisha Magic East to get cracked up to homegrown comedies.

After a long tedious day, don't you just want to settle down on your favourite spot on the couch and while away the rest of the day? At DStv, we have the magic to make this moment even more special for you. How about unwinding with local comedies on Maisha Magic East? It is time to get cracked up.

Are you One in a Million?

The Bolos have a special way of fitting into their new suburban neighbourhood. They are snoopy, mischievous, know nothing about boundaries, and most importantly, they are hilarious. Simply said, you can take a villager out of the village, but you can’t take the village out of them. Don’t you just want to be part of this family? You could, just tune in every Wednesday at 20:00 and let the delightful Bolos make your night.

You just can’t mess with Kansiime

Get this memo right; mess with Kansiime at your own peril. Ignore her at your own peril. Talk to her at your own peril. Be good to her at your own peril. It doesn’t matter what you do, you could buy her an island, catch a bullet for her, carry her on your back but she’ll still give you the squabble of a lifetime. There is just no way to please this woman. And there's just no way to miss her show either. Catch Don't Mess with Kansiime every Wednesday at 19:30.



Welcome to Nyumba 10

Do you live in one of those neighbourhoods where people don't mind their own business? There is always that neighbour who strolls into your kitchen just to snoop on your fridge or the size of your TV. Others who hang their heads on the window every morning just to keep tabs on your fashion, then smile unabashed when you spot them. And others who hold an intervention to discuss how your cat is notorious for straying into other people's homes. Welcome to Nyumba 10 where such hilarious drama is the order of the day. The show premieres on Monday, 3 August at 20:00.