When Clare Karatu walks in, she has no idea we have our cameras ready for action. She is under the impression that we are doing a written interview. Luck is on her side as she is prepared - face beat, hair did, nails did and the whole nine. Clare quickly reveals that she has a sweet tooth that guides her whole gastronomic journey.

As a self-taught dessert chef, she has gone to great lengths to find the best pastries and desserts - a journey she documents on her blog, Clare’s Take. She talks to us about her love affair with dining, her love for street food and being a mommy after it’s all said and done. Without revealing too much, here is Clare in the frame!

Clare like the sweet but for a mixure of savory as well, make a date with Neill Anthony - The Private Chef as he is is invited to cook in the homes of his prestigious friends, acquaintances and clients for their personal dinner extravaganzas, while the audience gets to watch and learn how to cook restaurant quality food for their own dinner parties with all the pro-chef tips included. All this deliciousness on Thursday, 16 March at 21:00 CAT.