3D animator Andrew Kaggia

Nairobi’s celebrated 3D game master and the brains behind Nairobi X Andrew Kaggia is at it again.

He exclusively tells DStv that he will soon release Kenya’s first local animated show. “It is crafted to attract children and adults and provide family entertainment,” he reveals.


Based on a futuristic setting where the player is tasked with saving Kenya from aliens, Nairobi X depicts real-life Nairobi buildings, situations and people. Andrew says the idea was to inspire Kenyans to save their country from situations like political wars. Quite the brilliance and according to him being an animation creator is a viable business just like he says, "I have more than seven figures profit.”

Kaggia tells us more about his journey as a 3D animator on Afripedia, a vibey five-part documentary that promotes a new generation of storytellers in the African continet. Catch it on BET on Tuesday 7 June at 19:30 CAT.