Charles Kiarie in the frame talking about his role in Nyumba Ten

Charles Kiarie shares more on his character on Nyumba Ten during an interview with DStv.

The legend that is Charles Kiarie is back on our screens as Alvin on the new hilarious Maisha Magic East comedy Nyumba Ten.

The media veteran has graced our TVs as many a persona but he says; “This character is me.”

The bubbly thespian says that he is very similar to Alvin in the sense that he doesn’t like drama but is able to suffer in silence. Alvin, of course, suffers the incessant nagging from his diva wife whom he adores.

The workers and maids round off the show to showcase the different dynamics of each character. Perhaps the house helps can pick up a few pointers from their Spanish counterparts, Devious Maids, every Monday at 22:00 on Vuzu Amp.

Check out what the quirky Nyumba Ten neighbourhood is up to every Monday at 20:00 exclusive to Maisha Magic East channel 158.

With all the diverse and interesting characters on the show, we can’t help but wonder what it must be like behind the scenes with such an eclectic mix. Check out what Charles had to say about it and how he disrobed for his role on Nyumba Ten.


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