An image of the women cast from taste Of Love on AfricaMagic Showcase

It's time to celebrate being a woman - that means celebrating being every kind of woman there is. DStv knows that women can have a different persona with each new day. And with all your different unique styles and personalities, we want to give you a Taste of Love to ensure you get the best Premium entertainment that suits your mood.

When you are broke

We all know that after you have gotten the kids to school, paid all the bills and given yourself that little treat every month, you can sometimes run a little dry. But the one thing you can do - in whatever situation - is have a laugh. No one has more rib-cracking punch lines than Two Broke Girls, which returns to our screens on Saturday 5 March at 19:30 on M-Net (102).


When you are feeling cute and sweet

We are women and sometimes we are pink and soft, pretty and cute, delicate and fragile and so much more. When those days roll around, all we want is a cute dress, some comfortable flats and a girl pal who gets us - cue Jessica Day of the hit series New Girl. Jessica's quirky sense of humour, eclectic sense of style and eccentric roommates make for a lovely start to a nice evening. Tune in every Saturday at 18:00 on VUZU AMP (114).


When you are fighting for your life

No one understands this more than Alex Parish who comes back to clear her name from the FBI as Quantico returns 7 March 20:30 on VUZU AMP (114). On those days where you feel that the world is on your shoulders and no one is on your side, you can always count on DStv to be your ally.



When you are feeling powerful  

If there is one thing Shonda Rhimes has taught us, it's that women can have it all. There is nothing more thrilling than knowing you are killing it at work. Whether you are The Fixer of the office like Olivia Pope or saving lives like the ladies of Grey’s Anatomy, or a bomb Lawyer like Annalise Keating in HTGAWM the best part is coming home and rewarding yourself with a Shonda binge on Monday nights from 19:30 on M-Net (102).


When you are feeling homely

Sometimes you want to break the glass ceiling while other times you want to be at home baking up a storm and enjoying sweet treats with the kids. That’s where Tia Mowry (Instant Mom) steps in to get all your Foodie cravings sorted. Get into the kitchen and let her teach you a thing or two in her brand new show, Tia Mowry at Home, every Thursday at 22:00 on Food Network (175).


When you are feeling like a badass

When you are kicking thugs and taking no prisoners, the best way a super hero of your calibre can unwind is watching other heroes much like yourself for an out-of-this-world experience. Space bounty hunters, Killjoys, are the only way that we can match your awesomeness. Tune in to this epic series that premieres on Monday 21 March at 20:00 on M-Net Edge (113).